Dawn of New Age

I saw dream of my unborn son. In the dream he said: “There is no time, there is no universe, there’s no country. There’s nothing but you.”

He haven’t experienced the cold breeze or hardness of the world. He doesn’t know how sunshine feels on his skin. But he already knows what’s important.

Coming this far, my conclusion is that life has no meaning. This lifetime is one time experience. Like ice hockey. Game with absolutely no meaning whatsoever.

Maybe even the gods have already left our universe, and there’s nothing but us. There’s no reason why we live or die, so we should really take care of ourselves and the others.

We are the people with the artist’s brush. Whether we try or not, we are creating a new world, painting it with our colors, all the time, every time, everywhere.

Since this life happens only once, why not make it something beautiful?

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