Regarding build quality

I think my Fujifilm X100 is pretty nice camera regarding the it’s construction and build quality. The camera is also very light which makes it far more portable than any DSLR.

However the camera does not begin to compare to Leica’s M series. Their fit and finish is really something unrivaled. You have to hold the camera in your hands in order to understand. It’s Leica and it you can bring it to war.

Showing my X100 to pro photographers, most likely comment I get is “oh it’s so light” hummmm! ¬†Yeah, but you know, if you have lugged M6 around for couple of decades, that’s what you’re going to feel when holding such tiny digital wonder in your hands for the first time.

And I wouldn’t bring my X100 to war.

While magnesium alloy is remarkably nice material for cameras, you can’t beat brass (or titanium). It feels just right.

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