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Kindergarten Glass

My son goes to a kindergarten here in Midori-ku. It became clear to us soon that the place we chose is exceptional. Teachers there have this relaxed aura in them, their smiles have no hint of tension or forced expression. Children are just doing their children business, playing, running, screaming and crying. The place has big windows and the gate is never locked.

LovelyIn Japan it is common to put children to pre-school from early age, where they wear uniforms and try as much as possible to behave like adult. Even some kindergartens pose strict rules for children and forbid children making loud sounds. But this is nothing like that. This is gift from the sky.

I was planning to make documentary of the kindergarten because I was so moved about the beauty of the people there. I even shot it half-way and was on my way to start to negotiate a deal with Finnish broadcasting. However I was forced to cancel the project because of privacy concerns; you can’t really shoot documentary of kindergarten without showing the children.

Interviewing one of the teachers was so surprising and moving experience. She described her job as fulfilling; although her body is tired after work her heart is full. So she said she wants to dedicate her heart for her work. She was shining as she was in front of my camera.

It’s possible to meet truly international people in surprising places. It is never matter of language or culture, but something completely different. I find this openness inspiring and beautiful.

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