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I'm a Finland born photographer living in Japan. I take photos of people.
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じゃ、何が下品なのか? たとえばボクシング。暴力の誇示。人を襲うことは非道です。人間を殺す娯楽ゲームはもっと卑劣です。

I want to write about taboo.

Human body parts that everyone have cannot appear obscene for me. Human body is amazingly beautiful  sacred thing. No matter how I look, I cannot find obscenity in medical words, for example.

So what is obscene then? For example boxing. Display of violence. To attack another human is obscene. Video games that display killing and harming humans is extremely obscene.

We must wake up to realize the beauty of human body and desire.

since I saw her..


last time I spoke with her, she told me “don’t waste your life”.
I was shocked, me pitiful coward. So I ran away.

Peeking at the remaining evidence I realise,
None of these belongs to me

Forever, but never again


confidence /

no need to show
just feel thanks inside
the warm feeling swells
like water gathering into a pond



I will be visiting my hometown for two weeks.

It feels strange to go back. Since I feel I became another person. But something in the heart will never change.