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Finland Embassy’s site

My exhibition made it to the culture calendar of Finland Embassy. Thanx! http://www.finland.or.jp/public/default.aspx?contentid=310717&nodeid=41276&culture=en-US

Exhibition page

I added official exhibition page: http://www.hiyayaakko.com/maria-exhibition/

Nobuto Fukutsu’s Exhibition

I had chance to meet my friend Nobuto Fukutsu today, again, after many years. It could be said that today I met him for first time, through his work. His work is lyrical expression, but also free and artistically pure. His floral pattern and soft colour make stark contrast with the striking expression of the
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With N-chan

Today was like a new chapter for me. I had chance to take photos of my beautiful friend N-chan in a very special place in heart of Midori-ku. Here is her interview in Vimeo.

Days like these remind me of the reason why I became photographer.

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Regarding Beauty

“Beauty” for me is something sacred, like something untouchable and something that isn’t from this world. It is just there for a very short time and it will disappear, like a beautiful ghost. It’s so, very fragile and light. It is not meant to be touched, and it is not meant to be stared.  It
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Regarding Image Theft in Japan

Couple weeks ago I received a message from a friend whose photo I took back in 2012. In her message she told me that her face is appearing in this shady website of Japanese company which sells some kind of medicines. And it indeed, there my photo was. In description she was told to be 42
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Jeff Liu Photography

Interesting. Really love the mood of his photos. Processed look doesn’t have to be boring. https://www.facebook.com/jeffliuphotography

Interview with Mike Gesgregen

Great interview. http://erickimphotography.com/blog/2014/03/06/street-interview-with-mike-gesgregen-in-berkeley/

Nikomat EL

I was making some prints in Photo Kanon  today and I found interesting camera on the shelf. They had Nikomat (Nikkormat) EL and Nikkor 50mm 1.4. It looked brand new, like it had just came from Nikon factory. So I asked how much it was, and I was surprised, only 18,000 yen. The meter works,
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Computer Trouble

Some months ago my Macbook Pro started freezing. Pretty annoying really, and it happened after I had just installed Mavericks. Using the Apple Hardware Test I was able to pinpoint the fault to the SSD that I had installed by myself, Crucial M4 256gb in fact. I thought the disk had just died. It was
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