Music for Airports

Brian Eno’s Music for Airports is one of my favorite music of all time. This music was the soundtrack of my life in my teens and in my 20’s. If a CD could be burned by repeated listening, mine would be scorched black.

The story goes that Eno was frustrated about the light and easy music in airports around 80’s. The music seemed to be designed to soothe those who have fear of flying as if telling them “you are not going to die”. But Brian Eno said “you might die, but in cosmic sense that won’t matter”.

So a deep and meditative Music for Airports was born. And it is delightfully deep and fresh, still in 2022.

It was made so that it could be interrupted any time by the airport announcements. With this the new genre of music “ambient” became to life.

I feel the world needs more art like this that encourages exploration of thought and more spiritual way of life instead of material. Because we all will most certainly die. I think I am not the only one who is experiencing this kind of thirst for more art.

(Bang on a Can made a fully acoustic version of the album which is also definitely worth of listening.)