Yuguin the minstrel

I met my good friend novelist Yuguin today. He gave me his short story, “Kiriko: An Extraction”. I was moved by it.

The ocean that Yuguin gazed at
With Kiriko the model girl
Was different from any other sea
But the breeze brought
The same smell of the sea

I have had many great conversations with Yuguin. Then I feel his power also as a painter.

The pain regarding beauty might come from our wish to possess it, to intimately connect with it and identify ourselves with it. The impossibility of doing it causes us misery but enables us to do these things.

On the last page:

Holding a guitar in his arms
Yuguin only sings a song with his voice of fish
“Clouds rise no end in the sky!
Waves seethe on end in the ocean!”

Bravo, Yuguin!

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