I remember when I first came to Minato Mirai in Yokohama, about exactly ten years ago. For me that time, it was futuristic city, like you know, city from Blade Runner, but it had something that I felt Tokyo lacked.

Fresh air, upward space, or something like that.

I was really moved that time about the beauty of the Queen’s towers and sure the Landmark Tower, you know I really liked how you could see the sea and the urban landscape at the same time. It was something I had never experienced.

Now, ten years after, as I look at the landscape in my mind.. I feel it’s definably the place where I want to be, you know, like I feel I belong there. Most of my friends are there, and with them I feel I am becoming part of the image really quickly and naturally.

I suppose I’ve always liked this type of urban landscape, you know I was born in completely different surroundings, in rural area of Finland and I never knew how sea smells or sounds like. It was only when I came to Japan first time, I started to be fascinated about sea.

I love sea and all empty and dark things, you know, horizontal lines and something tiny among the waves, for me it’s so beautiful, like those things are always there, even though the sea might shift and change constantly.


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