Yodobashi Censorship

OK, now I am angry. Yodobashi Camera in Yokohama censored one frame from my Tri-X negative, and destroyed part of the preceding and following frames in the process, as you can see in the picture. It was mild nudity at best and I’m sure there was no genitalia in the picture, even if there was it must have not been clearly visible.

I was not notified about this when I paid and received the negatives and there was no sign in the packaging whatsoever that censorship would have taken place.

This is simply just unacceptable because the following and preceding non-nude frames were also affected by whatever dark magic they used to destroy the picture after it was developed. Also they should have explained this reason to me clearly which they never did. That is just wrong.

OK, you might think that this is a result of accidental opening of the camera while film was in since it looks like severe overexposure. But I am sure I didn’t open the camera while the film was in half way, and even if I would have accidentally done so, the film counter would have reseted. Thus I am sure I didn’t open the camera.  I have shot about a hundred rolls with my  Bessa R3M and this kind of issue has never happened. It just cannot be because of camera malfunction.

If this was an accident of the lab, that means they need to refund me since I paid for a product that wasn’t what it was promised. If this was non-accident but intentional censorship, then they should have notified me; and still that doesn’t justify destroying preceding and following frames.

So I think I’m at least entitled for a refund for damaged film.

And the question is what if I would have been shooting something important? Well this WAS important, but gladly I’m not going to lose my head over this. The lesson learned; develop yourself if it’s black and white. As noted by a fellow photographer, there’s also the risk that someone working in the lab might copy the image if it’s special enough; you just can’t be sure.

Sadly it’s just currently impossible for me to start developing color film, so I will still be dropping my Ektar100’s to Yodobashi.

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