We should celebrate

One of my friend’s motto is “We should celebrate our life”. I think so. We can only exist now and this life is just once. We like to get distracted and think about all kinds of things that don’t matter. By celebrating I don’t mean like party; I mean to fully exist in the moment, especially with someone important in our lives.

Focus on now. But how can we¬†when there’s so much noise and advertisements and all kinds of things that try to take our attention away from this very now.

I think answer is in imagination. We should never be afraid to dream, and imagine more. Imagine how we could make now and today, different, even just somehow; not tomorrow.

As imagination opens the doors to empathy, so it does to the present moment.

I try to do one unusual and special thing everyday, just to celebrate the fact that I am alive now. Today it’s a flower.