Talk about Women

Whether one cares about women and women’s rights is absolutely linked to the goodness of a person. Therefore I think that those who cannot respect women can’t respect life on earth.

Women are source of life on earth. Without women nobody would exist. Of course without men nobody would exist either but there’s difference; women do the hardest and most important job in making human life possible. After having sex man can take a trip abroad, man’s job is finished; the baby will grow inside woman just the same. Woman can host life, so women have unique insight life on earth. Much has been written about the phenomena of female intuition, sometimes they just have hunch on things that men cannot, frightening insight, even..

My father used to say “women exist only on the purpose to be enjoyed by men”. I was quite upset about this, I was about fourteen I think. I disagreed. I was bullied in school quite badly, and then I thought how awful his words are, as that means men can actually bully women. What a horrible bullshit are those words. Women must be protected and loved and admired.

But then, I do not by any means think women are weaker than men. Women are in many ways more flexible, thus they don’t break as easily as men. Again I think this is because of the “superpowers” of women; the strange intuition.

If feminist agenda is that women must have be able to do same thing as man, then I think it’s missing it’s point. I can’t understand women who opt-in to the military service in Finland. In Finland men and women are already equal and this does not need proving. Sure addition of women makes the nuisance and stupidity of army more tolerable for the men in there, but willingly joining such activity and risking one’s god given healthy body is beyond my understanding.

As a photographer I wish I can help to support women and their unique beauty. After all I was made by one, so I want to say thanks.