It was snowing this morning

I came to my wife’s hometown Ise couple of days ago. Since this is very local place and foreigners are a rare sight here, I must admit I have been a bit nervous sometimes to take a walk outside with my camera.

In some strange way, I have been worried I get into some trouble, or that people wouldn’t accept my existence. You know how closed agricultural society can be.

But this morning as it was snowing, I was greeted by elderly lady just nearby the house, you know she had warmest, most heartfelt smile, and she just kept talking about the weather, and asked how cold it gets in Finland. She treated me just the same as she would treat any  other resident of the town, and it was so natural. I felt warm by her kind words.

I realize that there’s no slightest reason to be nervous. People are same everywhere. I am always me and you are always you.

So don’t be afraid to go out and take a picture.

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