I realized recently that actually I’m not so interested about cameras. Sure I have some interest, especially in old film cameras (Leica M series especially) and the philosophy behind the old photography. But there is endless number of blogs in web dealing with questions such as what camera should one buy, which lens is sharp and which camera brand to choose.

This camera has automatic landscape mode, pet face detection, and this camera, oh-my-god! It can go so high ISO that it can shoot black insects in coal mines without flash! And look at this zoom lens!

It feels like perfectly creative peoples minds are consumed by the technological possibilities.

In order to focus in photography, I decided to be simple regarding the gear. If I’m doing my own art photos I usually use my Fujifilm X100 and nothing else. I have the cheap flash unit for it (fits in pocket easily) and I use it rarely as a fill flash, but that’s all.

Simple images have power. I’d like the process of taking a photo to be as simple and unobtrusive as possible.

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