Silverfast 8 in Windows 7

I am noticing huge difference in image quality when using Silverfast under Windows 7 versus Mac. When viewed at 100% I no longer see  strange jaggies which I saw in Mac version, and the images look actually sharper.

The scan speed is also much faster. Here are some numbers I was able to come up with.

Windows 64bit Silverfast 8.0.1r18  (Plustek Opticfilm 8200i)

  • 7200dpi (with iSRD) 9min 23sec
  • 3600dpi (with iSRD) 3min 13sec

Those make huge difference to the scanning speed with current mac version. I would estimate that Windows version is at least twice as fast. Moreover, the mac version sometimes scans faster and sometimes slower, and iSRD doesn’t work or works on random basis.

I would classify the current mac version unusable. If you are on mac, I recommend using Windows 7 version of Silverfast via bootcamp or Parallels, etc.

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  1. Hi Yaakko, recently i realized that i’ve got the same problem like yours. The results of 8200i are pretty different according to each scanning process(i’m using Silverfast 8 in Mac as well). I’d like to ask if you have already found a solution?

    1. hi!! Thank you for writing.
      I have given up using Silverfast 8 with mac and use only Windows at the moment. Windows version of the driver is also apparently faster.
      I have not tried the latest version of the driver. They released tons of updates , really amazing number of releases to it, but even though I tried the latest version that time, the problem wasn’t fixed.

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