Short Movie

I often feel, or notice that I’m sensitive about things that people around me barely notice. I’m not talking about art; that’s another topic; I’m talking about just normal things people encounter in their daily lives. As a result, I often feel I’m not made for this world, you know that I don’t quite belong here!

This is the starting point for my new movie. Theme of this project is about protecting the sensitivity we see in others, that something invisible what we feel so familiar with. Perhaps, because we ourselves often feel we need that same protection. We want someone to recognize that something most important thing in ourselves, and then take great care of it, nurturing it and making it grow, like a plant.

To make a story of a photographer is nothing new or unique, but I feel that it makes perfect, artistic context to the theme.

I plan to shoot this short movie in summer, and I’m looking for volunteers. Since this is independent movie and no commercial profit will be made from this, I cannot pay any salaries.

However, I strongly believe that this is something important and beneficial for the world, so in this regard, I am not ashamed to ask your volunteer help to realize this.

Let me know if you are interested, and let’s formulate a concrete plan to realize the production.







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