Session with Beautiful Kayo

I had great chance to have a little photo session with my friend and fellow cameraman Kayo. She turned out to be such a cute model with great intuition. Perhaps her intuition for being model came from her own experience as a photographer.

This image turned out to be the winner of yesterday’s shoot; there’s something that just turned right about this photo.

I used off-camera speedlite to add a bit of illumination to the subject with TTL turned off and manually dialing down the power of the flash so that it doesn’t overpower the ambient light which was already good to start. I removed flash spots from her eyes in Photoshop as they were a bit distracting from that angle.

I learned that in this situation, a bit off-camera flash can actually help to raise the overall exposure a bit, and remove some of the darker shades of the face which often result when shooting in outdoor shade. I always bring either flash or reflector as it can really help to add bit of necessary light to the subject.

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