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I got following response from Silverfast regarding the various issues I have had with Plustek Opticfilm 8200i and Silverfast 8. It appears that presently there is no solution other than getting updated driver framework if you are in Mac OSX.

I do feel disappointed because currently there is nothing I can do but wait and the + 50,000 yen scanner is sitting as a paperweight.

I do have to say that the support from Plustek has been excellent though, but if the issue is in the drivers..

Dear Mr. Saari,

like you suspect, this issue is indeed driver related. We are in close contact with Plustek
and are working together with them to get a new framework for this scanner model.

As soon as the new frameworks are implemented, we are going to bring an update that is
resolving this issue. 

Kind regards,

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  1. Here is my response to the message. Let’s see what comes..

    Dear (receiver),
    Thank you for your response.

    However, presently I am unable to scan with higher resolutions and I need the scans for my work. The expensive scanner and software are sitting as a paperweight.

    Would there be any possibility of getting some kind of beta version of the drivers for latest Mac OSX so I could resume my work?

    Best regards,

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