Regarding Araki's Photos

“Upon closer scrutiny, his subjects are always alone, finding contact difficult, as if preoccupied by a sense of absurdity, a sense that communication between human beings trapped in solitude is impossible.”

Germano Celant’s description of Araki’s photos is remarkably deep and true.┬áThis is the very reason why I like Araki; it’s the very loneliness that’s realised in often erotic subject matter. His subjects never look satisfied, but rather isolated and needy; the women look almost like as if they are orphans missing their long lost family members. Solitude fascinates me; that’s why I love Araki.

Sentimental Journey is undoubtedly one of his most personal and most powerful words. The universal message of extreme solitude and loneliness goes across the language and any cultural barrier. I was almost literally in shock for a period of time after seeing the photo series; it was just so powerful message.

Although Araki can be considered very Japanese photographer, he is at the same time very international, because art itself knows no borders. It could very well be that Araki is and will be my favourite photographer.

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