Plustek Opticfilm 8200i Problems

Scanning issues remain. Will update soon.

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I’m having strange issue with my Plustek Opticfilm 8200i (with Silverfast 8.0.1r18).

If I scan the image in 2400dpi I get the exact image which looks like the image in Prescan, so all is well, the quality looks great. But should I up the resolution to 3600, the image becomes dark and usually results unusable image. Oddly sometimes 7200dpi is fine.

Whatever I do I can’t get the resulting image that’s written to disk match the image I’m seeing in Pre-scan in 3600dpi.

I wonder if I’m missing some key element here; I’m using NegaFix and 48-24bit setting and nothing fancy. I usually don’t even use Auto CCR. If you have a similar issue, would you let me know?


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  1. That is a strange issue. A couple things to try: If you are on OSX, contact Plustek support for your region and ask for the latest OSX driver framework.

    Try scanning with VueScan and see if the issue still occurs. If the image looks good in VueScan, it means your HW is OK. Try a SilverFast software reset (accessed from the Service Dialog on the 1st SilverFast screen) and then scan at 3600 dpi and see what happens.

    Don’t be afraid to use AutoCCR. It is pretty good in the latest version as long as you don’t include any of the black border around the image inside the red frame. If you do it will confuse AutoCCR into thinking there is too much black in the image.

    Out of curiosity, what happens if you scan at 7200 dpi?

  2. First of all, thank you for your kind reply, Mark. I am on OSX; and I am now contacting Plustek support for the latest OSX driver, indeed it might be the issue.

    I’m also noticing strange “interlacing” looking effect in photos when viewed at 100%. This might also indicate a driver issue. I will keep updating my blog as the problem gets solved.

  3. Oddly 7200dpi resolution is sometimes as good as original, sometimes not, but 3600dpi is never good. The scanning time varies randomly, sometimes taking unreasonably long time (20-30 minutes). I’m running reasonably fast computer, (Quad Core Mac Pro with 8 gigs of memory).

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