Old film

I found old film that I had forgotten to develop. I had seen it floating around in my cupboard. Today I finally decided to develop it. I was unsure if it was some test film that had just some nonsense or blank frames in it. After pouring out the fixer I was happy to notice it had images.

I used to have a friend from Kyoto. She visited Yokohama sometimes. I lost in touch with her. She was in one of the frames.

Actually taking reliving a moment through photos is unnatural. Before we had camera we were not able to do that, we had to live in the moment because we had no way of getting the moment back. Maybe to take photo is one of our way to fight entropy, our effort to try to avoid the inevitable heat death. Actually universe is getting colder little by little but we humans try to keep warm.

I used to say “it is very natural action for me to take a photo” but actually can photography be natural? Because it is like cheating, we try to hold onto what cannot be held onto.

Seeing images like this and being reminded of people I no longer can see.. It does make me feel.