Meeting Araki

Araki Nobuyoshi and Jaakko Saari

I met Araki Nobuyoshi the other day. I told him about seeing his photos first time in Helsinki in his Kiasma exhibition. I had depression that time. He interrupted me, saying with excitement, “but your depression got cured (by my photo), didn’t it?” and bursted laughing. We all laughed. Because that was exactly what I was going to say.

His photos were huge shock for my virgin heart in early 2000’s. You know, especially Sentimental Journey. I just couldn’t stop crying after I first saw those. It was like life I somehow knew, it just happened to take place in Japan. Then, eventually,  after a decade I started taking photos too. This sounds so trite, I know, but Araki’s photos kind of opened door to my future and gave me the courage.

We talked about Bjork too, and he wondered if Bjork is famous in Finland. I happen to love her, and her Big Time Sensuality!!

Araki is like a huge ball of energy. God of photography. From my heart, I wish the grass is green under his feet and that his days are filled with joy.

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