I have been taking a lot of pictures of my son. “I’m tired to be your model, please take pictures of something else”, my son says.

I suppose part of my journey as a photographer is to seek meaning of a picture. Shooting own family member automatically secures some meaning to the frame, as the time spent will never return. Child will never be child again and we will all die. Even if it’s not a very good photo in photographic sense, it will still be important because it’s unique record of the time and relationship.

For me taking pictures like that also guides me to seek my relationship to the world. I am what people call me in Japanese “majime”, a serious person , sort of. I am so very interested in human. I surely hope that my intention would be visible in any pictures I take and especially pictures of women.

It seems like every line in my life is pointing to the direction of my eventual death and disappearing. I am not sure if all people in the age of 38 think about death as much as I do. But I hope that today I can live fully and be the best version of myself.

A photo should be a liberation.