Leaving to Finland

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to my home country.  I went there in last November and met my now 90 years old grandma. It was one big return for me which I did alone.

Now I will be spending two weeks in the great green Finnish summer, smelling the distant forest flowers, taking sauna and swimming in my childhood lake.

It’s always almost a shock to realise how different Finland smells. The smell is so different, it’s another world.. and trees look and sound different too. The sound of leaves of birch trees make when wind touches them.. it’s the sound of my childhood. I used to climb on one of those and fell more than once.. (maybe that’s why I became like this!)

My biggest desire now is to take off my shoes and walk on the green grass, looking at the Finnish summer clouds.

Being happy might not be so complicated. It might be very simple. Just breathe, and open your arms.

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