Kirsten Young on Depression

Kirsten Young wrote excellent piece about depression.  I felt a tremor in my body when I read this. Because for long time I have been feeling almost exactly the same.

Sometimes I need a break from people. Usually the people who I don’t yet know completely, but like, and with whom I want to hold some kind of friendship. I’m already tired of feeling anxious and sad and don’t want you to grow tired of me feeling anxious and sad. I’m sure you care and would be happy for me to confide in you, but I’ve confided in friends before and been burned and heartbroken in return. I can’t bring myself to take that kind of risk again. – Kirsten Young

People who suffer from depression know very well the reality of their condition. However, this illness is a very hard to understand for those who have not had it. Asking a depressed person to join a party is like asking a man with broken leg to run a marathon. It’s unreasonable request.

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