Jeju, and Island Mother

I went to Jeju-do island recently to shoot a documentary “Island Mother”. I was very moved and humbled by the people I met on the island. In their eyes I felt nothing but love and slow life; even simple thing as making coffee was natural and beautiful. Not once I saw a stressed look, and people had always time for gentle chat.

This truly was a new definition of slow life for me.

Jeju as a location is truly amazing. There are palms, coconut trees and pines, big volcano about half of Fujisan, forests, green meadows and beautiful oceanside. But more wonderful than the place are the people who inhabit the island. The island itself has a long history that has it’s painful moments too. I felt this island has seen everything.

But then, Jeju is known as a feminine island, island of women divers.

And there are many wonderful, hand made rock walls! The rocks are dark rocks, totally unique ones. The culture of making the rock wall is now endangered because the generation who still had knowledge of making them is now passing away; young generation have no idea how to build rock wall from these six-side cut stones. It’s quite amazing really how the walls are made with nothing but a clever placement of stones; much like tetris. Cement feels like cheating after I saw these!!

I met these wonderful people in Island Zorba cafe and took their photo.

Island Mother will be in Yokohama Art Department 2 in September with photos and short documentary film about myself.


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