In transition

I have arrived to my wife’s hometown in Mie. I was planning to stay in Yokohama until end of this week, because of Yokohama Art Department event which was organized by my friends in Art Mania.

But since my wife is pregnant and the baby seems to come earlier than expected, I decided I must return here as soon as possible.

Island Mother shooting and the Monday’s session after it, with my friend Saeko Nakahara, was very fascinating and emotionally moving process.

I feel humbled by it, and you know, being such a crybaby, I couldn’t stop my tears. The theme itself is about life and death, and one’s passing through life. ┬áSaeko was totally amazing. I have never met anyone so talented in my life so far.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be wrong to say that part of me was burned away in the process of making these images.

And I’m saved by it.

The images are completed now, and there’s nothing more to add.

I hope I will continue to have the necessary courage to fight and challenge myself. Because it’s my job to take a photo.

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