I went to see hotaru (firefly) with my family in Shikinomori Park.

I was moved about the gentle movement of glowing hotaru that felt so natural and silent. In my country there is no hotaru. It feels like a miracle for me.  There is something powerful and determined about the way they move. Although they move peacefully they seem to really know where they go.

It was crowded in the darkness. 

It is really annoying how people bring their digital cameras and glowing screens of mobile phones and children wear LED decorations in their shoes. It is even more rude how adults encourage children to capture these fragile creatures in their hands, and take picture of them.

Beauty of nature should be observed with more serious and respectful manner. Fleeting miracle of life is reduced to attraction like in Disneyland..

But when I walked deeper to the forest, I saw young couple who were silently staring to the dark edge of the forest. Young woman’s hand was held tightly by the man. “Look… how beautiful”, he said quietly.

I wish to live with same passion as hotaru.

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