Horror Game

I started to make my first computer game. The story is about young man who falls into a hole in forest. (This is my own story, as I fell into a hole once, and got up from there as a new man.)

My game deals with the the fear of becoming adult and overcoming hard circumstance. Yes, this is definitely a horror game. But I hope I can suggest more deeper theme than the ordinary games of dealing with enemies or aliens. Fear is never that simple. It goes deeper..

Aside photography I have been doing 3D modeling quite a lot. So basically I hope my game would be  a showcase for my skills as a modeler. But also I love making music so I hope the game would have my sound world as well.

Making something like this takes a lot of time. And working alone with your computer all day alone makes one feel kind of crippling loneliness. But it’s something I have dealt before so I’ll be OK with this one too.

As with everything like this , the most important is the plan, design and the story and realistic scope. I won’t be able to make a full featured complete game, but just like small game with one level.

Wish me luck, because I will need it.