From the Depths of Lizard Point

Although this one didn’t make it to the final artwork, I still love this image because it conveys so much.

Actually, the black cloth was just an experiment what I wanted to try in addition to the main set-up, a torn black camisole which exposed her much more. I shot about four rolls of TMax 400 with her wearing the camisole. Those images turned out to be cool, but it was finally the chemistry with her body and this simple black cloth which really conveyed the idea.

It was really such pleasure to work with Yuki since she has so strong talent and intuition both as an artist and as a model. It wouldn’t have been possible to make this with anyone else. I’m also very grateful for our comrade Paulo who shot video of our shooting and gave a great help for us.

I made silver gelatin prints of the five final images in Dark Room Intl. with kind guidance from the staff. These are the final prints that you will see in exhibition.  I love the feel of traditional dark room prints because every print is unique, like an artwork itself. It’s the spirit of human feeling that I wanted to convey with these works, so I’m glad I decided to use analog media.

If you’d ask me now,  “If you would keep exhibition, what kind of images would you show to convey your own inner world?” I would answer, “images like these”.

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