Fourth Interview

Today it was fourth time to shoot Document: Jinmo. I am continuously surprised, even dumbfounded by him and his wife. Everyday is a big surprise for me..

It would be easy to picture image of tormented, difficult to understand avant-garde artist who is suffering to create. But in front of my eyes, I find a very peaceful person who lives by his words, constantly creating new art, with his lovely wife by his side. I see no torment at all. I see balance and happiness in everything. And lots of love.

He has just released his 152nd album Mayakovsky which is dedicated for Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. Quoting Mayakovsky’s poem:

Night wraps the sky in tribute from the stars.
In hours like these, one rises to address
The ages, history, and all creation.

I can imagine Mr.Jinmo picking his Jinmoid working on his new music in early morning hours, feeling vibration of ages and creation, maybe feeling these very words. Maybe Jinmo’s wife is by his side, making her delicious coffee, meditating in Jinmo’s tune, or perhaps she is sleeping.  When listening any of Jinmo’s albums, I feel kind of familiar connection to the world, much like I did when I first listened Brian Eno’s Music for Airports.

Jinmo’s music is kind of celestial and cerebral, both at the same time. Cerebral in it’s artistic context, celestial in pure expression. It’s visual music but also much more.

After having delicious lunch made by his wife we headed to cafe Paulista in Ginza. It is a very special place with coffee like nectar from heaven.. I was able to shoot really beautiful sequence and interview this afternoon. In fact, best I’ve shot so far for Document: Jinmo.

I realize I must keep searching for various places with many different colors in order to capture Jinmo visually. I can’t be sure if any amount of places is going to be enough, but we will shoot in Finland and Germany too and in various places in Japan and go from there. If you by any chance are interested in sponsoring this movie, please let us know.

There are still many more recordings to come. But I will have my camera charged, locked and loaded. I will be ready.

In Jinmo’s own words:

Fuck the dream. Fuck the memory. Love THIS REALITY. Fuck the future. Fuck the past. Live THIS MOMENT.

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