First shots with Leica M6

I went to Dark Room Intl. in Yokohama yesterday to develop the Kodak T-MAX 400 film I shot with Leica M6 and made some prints.

The process of developing the film was very interesting. It involved putting the undeveloped negative into the spiral shaped holder and container in complete pitch black darkness, changing fluids and rinsing the film various times.

The results are impressive. I especially like the lower tones of the monochrome. It looks to me that 400 TMAX and Fujifilm Varigrade WP monochrome paper are very good combination.

The original negative of from the Leica is razor sharp result of the 35mm ASPH. Summicron lens.

These tests are simply scanned prints, because I want to show the result of the Varigrade paper. I intend to scan the original negative with film scanner in near future and see the result.

Film has almost human aspect in it’s analog workflow. It requires physical movement of the artist’s hand. Watching your image forming into a white sheet of paper is something all photographers should experience. It’s refreshingly different than working with digital data.

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