Recently I have been very moved about Jinmo’s music, and it helped me to reach into those feelings deep inside myself. So I thought to record my face while listening his album “Eden”, and then those feelings just came. It’s so beautiful that it hurts. So then I thought maybe my face can convey that feeling.

Check out Exile in Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/69947887

I was adopted when I was two years old, and I had to say goodbye to my grandma and all of my biological relatives. Adoption means actually to adapt. You just have to accept it. That’s extremely hard for two years old boy.

But these days I actually feel I’m kind of embraced by the world. So my feeling has changed, but that’s only just recently.

Then, it was great to visit Whole Creation today after a long time and I had chance to record beautiful voice of Kagaya. I love you guys, you’re so cool! 🙂

Here is link to Jinmo’s album Eden.
Learn more about JINMO.

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