You know sometimes things just fall in place naturally, you feel like you are auto-completing a puzzle; pieces just fit automatically and it’s a smooth ride from the start.

Well, making Maria was not one of those times. I had to cancel my exhibition once actually since my boy got a virus from his kindergarden. I had to give up months of work, just bite the bullet, and let it all vanish. I had just rented the frames, packed my works and shipped them to the gallery, then I got a call from my wife; “it’s a virus”. I knew it; to give up is the only way, abort mission, call the birds back, you know.

To my surprise, the gallery actually offered me four days from the following week, very kind of them. So I took the chance, although quite frankly, I was not in excellent mood.

The difficulties did not stop here however. In the following week while I was taking care of my feverish son, I caught a fever. 40C. I could barely get up on my feet. I knew if I let this chance pass, rest of the year for Maria is out of the question.

But I managed to make it on Sunday and with help of two important friends I could start the exhibition. Maria became a reality.

I learned something very important. It’s good to give up if you do it for the right reasons.

You have to be able to do it, because it’s never that serious or important.¬†Sometimes it’s not just the right time; but then you also find out that the opportunity will come again. Like,¬†when you receive gift from someone, it’s actually kind of really humbling, because all you can say is thanks. Thank you. What big and numerous gifts I received this time, not only beautiful flowers and cookies, but spiritually as well! Indeed, I want to say most humbly, “thank you”.

It’s always hard to do something like this but it really is worth of it, because of all the wonderful people who come to see my photos. It seems like Saint Maria was calling for them.. and then they wrote me these beautiful letters that made me cry.

It’s all big fun to start something and then finish it, plus, it’s great excuse to hang out with some really cool folks!

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