Be present

I work as 3D modeler for my job. I enjoy it, but it is a work done in computer, in a 2D plane of a screen that I stare. I notice how much my heart is craving for a human contact, and a situation where I can really be myself. Sometimes I feel like I am drifting a away during those prolonged hours of making computer game models.

I was reminded today how important it is to really be present in the moment without a distraction. Photography for me is a kind of relief and therapy in that way, it puts me into the present moment. Be present in a present moment so you can be the present for the world, as I was once told.

World wants you to have your eyes open and be there.

Even though I do enjoy the solitude and doing technical 3D modeling, deep in my heart I am person who enjoys company of people. I am fascinated by people and watching them, and then if there is one source of inspiration for my music and photographs, it must be meeting people.

Somehow, it is so very natural for me to take a photo of a person.