I have uploaded my short story Baghdad. Please download it for free. (pdf) (eBook).

I wrote this in 2006 and it’s based on a dream I saw. Now that I read it, I think it somehow summarizes my feeling what I had about the decade. Invasion war repeated once again, dictator in Middle East fell and the cowboy told his lies to the world.

I had shivers while typing my Macbook’s keyboard in my empty apartment in middle of the night. I had fever, but I couldn’t stop writing. The dream felt so vivid. The main body of the story came out in couple of hours. I sent the original manuscript to Random House and much to my surprise, received reply from the chief editor Mr.Rowley. According to him the story could have been published if my English writing would have “flown more”.

My short story received two passes of edits and this, what will the last version of the story, is quite readable in my opinion.

Please feel free to download and read the story and send me the comments. I’d love to hear them.


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