Afternoons and Kara-age

Today I called my father in Finland. My mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and is in hospital, so my father lives alone now. Mother’s condition is getting worse.

This doesn’t happen so often, but tonight I feel wave of homesickness. So I took my tested cure for all sadness and loneliness, album of Crash Test Dummies, “God Shuffled His Feet” and listen it with my stereo. When I was bullied in school I listened this and it always managed to make me relax and feel soft. I got the CD actually from my sister’s boyfriend way back then and it soon became one of my favourites . There’s something about this sweet music that just works for me.

Tonight I cooked my speciality, Kara-age, a fried chicken in Japanese style. This food is also kind of my personal comfort food. (And this is likely my best dish.) It just heals the soul. And now my kitchen is still smelling like it has been used, which I like.

It’s strange really. I don’t feel that often homesick. So when it comes it really hits hard. However, it’s wrong to keep thinking the same thing over and over again, as it was said in Tarkovsky’s Nostalgia. Yes.. we must live in the present.

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