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Portrait Works

I had pleasure to shoot bariton Masato Inoue some years back. This photo is one of my favorites from that session.

Introducing: Jinmo

Now with English subtitles.

Introducing: Document Jinmo

This is introduction to the documentary movie I’m shooting now (It’s in Japanese, will make subtitles soon) http://vimeo.com/71012218 I have searched my whole life for opportunity to make documentary movie like this. I am very fortunate to be able to document something what is so close to my heart. It’s exciting new journey for me
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Fourth Interview

Today it was fourth time to shoot Document: Jinmo. I am continuously surprised, even dumbfounded by him and his wife. Everyday is a big surprise for me.. It would be easy to picture image of tormented, difficult to understand avant-garde artist who is suffering to create. But in front of my eyes, I find a
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Document: JINMO

I have started documentary project of JINMO. He is international Japan born avant-garde musician. I will document him and his life for two years. This is undoubtedly the biggest and most important project I’ve ever done. I recorded some thoughts on this projects in Vimeo in Japanese. Learn more about Jinmo at: http://jinmo.com/

Pain of Photography

I find Susan Sontag’s words healing in some strange way, in this chapter she writes about photos of Arbus, “According to Reich, the masochist’s taste for pain does not spring from a love of pain but from the hope of procuring, by means of pain, a strong sensation; those handicapped by emotional or sensory analgesia
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Here is one more shots from my session with photographer Masashi Furuka. © Masashi Furuka 2013

Interview with Mattias Leppäniemi

I saw interview of Mattias in Youtube channel of Eric Kim. Soon after that, I decided to contact Mattias and ask for his interview which he kindly granted. When did you discover photography? Was there a moment in your childhood or adolescence when you discovered that you love taking photos? I’m a really late bloomer.
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Documentary of Pin Pin Co

I had great time shooting a documentary of Pin Pin Co yesterday. She is doing a project “More than the Face” in BankART NYK in Yokohama. I was really moved about her artistic style and execution. My documentary will be finished in next weeks. On the mean while, you can learn more from Pin Pin
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Interview with an Empty Artist

Maya Sinji Jung is a Korean born artist and photographer. Her works are highly respected in both Flickr and JPG Mag. I recently got in touch with her and made an interview with her over Skype. Jaakko: How are you, and how is everything? Sinji:  It’s fantastic, it’s great. You know many things happened like for
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